Dear Feds, Leave Ari Alone

At least one of these ought to work for you dude:

Warning: May Cause Headache, Seizures, Vomiting, Explosive Diarrhea… –

Warning: Meat Love –

Warning: Asian Girl with Violin (possibly a robot)

[Talent like that gets filed under ‘Tom Jones’ – TLtG]

Ending? Not so good.

Its a shanda to have Lohan up with other illustrious figures such as Patrick Stewart and Sarah Silverman.

So…it makes you gay?

You better love this movie.

He gets so many blowjobs his dick hurts.

Leaving off the nerd tag here cause its just too embarrassing to think I like being called that.

I think this counts as ‘crossing the streams’

I almost had a seizure listening to this:

Could’ve sworn I already posted this