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In 1924, a professor Hidesaburo Ueno from the University of Tokyo brought his dog, Hachiko, to live with him. The two developed a routine, where the dog would see the professor off at his home and then meet him at the Shibuya train station later. Then one day, the professor didn’t show up at the train station. He’d had a stroke at the university and died. Hachiko was given away to another owner, but he would often escape and turn up at his old home. The dog must have eventually realized that Ueno wasn’t coming home, and so he went to look for him at the train station. For ten years, Hachiko would arrive at the train station exactly when the evening train showed up and would wait for his former owner.

The 8 Most Heroic Dogs In History, via Digg.

Another reason why you don’t want crabs

I love eating your balls

Head lice vs crabs, and how it helps us figure out when we split from apes.

Lice are intimately adapted to their hosts and cannot long survive away from the body’s blood and warmth. If their host evolves into two species, the lice will do likewise. So biologists have long been scratching their heads over the fact that the human head louse is a sister species to the chimpanzee louse, but the pubic louse is closely related to the gorilla louse.

Over at NyTimes.

Murderbitch is hot

Her right hand is currently on trial for molesting her left hand

The Power of Love

Love me some upside-down Triforce

Same Day Delivery!!!

Thats one wrinkled weiner I dont want in my mouth

Coney Island, you really do suck so bad.

Don’t watch it for the 140 year old hot-dog, watch it for street denizens’ elucidating reactions.

A Happy Ending

If you’re a lowlife scumbag, you might watch 20 seconds of this video and say “That’s enough,  I get it” – but you don’t get it, asshole.

You’ll never get it.

As for the rest of us, we shall bask in its majestic aura of wonderment and fantastitude. We will saturate our souls in the ethereal light emanating from its divine nucleus. We will note the appearance of Danny Glover at 1:56.

Commence enlightenment:

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was learning to sing like this

if you really hate yourself, watch the longer version

That would be an O-face

Easy mac and substance abuse over at College Humor.

So LA has one thing going for it

Lebowski fest 2010.  Jeff Bridges may be stopping by.

The Saga Continues

Someone needs to interview Amber Lamps:

Best episode ever!

from docfuture1:


More awesomeness

Even more awesomeness

Hypnotic…and not entirely dissimilar from hardcore porno

no score, no weapons, no upgrades, no achievements, no point: