Thank you Lord God for this bountiful feast


…but mostly it’s a world of hardcore pornography

From the OP:

Julia Stiles in the PBS’s Ghostwriter. Season 2 Episode 5 – Who is Max Mouse?. Julia guest stars as Erica Dansby, a teenage hacker know-it-all and chief editor of the Hurston High School newspaper.

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I killed all of my friends

But it’s ok, they were bitten by zombies.

Organ Trail

It’s a cross-country adventure through the zombie apocalypse and it’s up to you to make it to Safe Haven (with or without your companions):

How to Raise a Dragon

Who’s L their FAO now?


This doesn’t make me as pumped as I think I should be

Although they are saying it will include every Marvel character ever?  I wonder how many will be identical.

He sounds nothing like Pablo Francisco

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He’s gonna get so much ass…

…and somehow remain a virgin:

still kinda cute