You need to know that Mike is immune to the crucifix


Movie posters from Ghana.

Is that like a country comprised only of seven year-olds or something?

From Digg.

Sounds like an awful smart hotdog

Elvis impersonator doing a cover of “Come As You Are”:

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The original Bender Bending Rodriguez

This and 19 other pieces of disco/scifi gold over at i09.

…aliens in KISS boots, and everyone wearing Bob Marley wigs

Its 4:00 in the morning, so I’m just gonna copy this straight from Slashdot:

The New York Post has a story about J.D. Shapiro, and his gracious acceptance of a Razzie award for writing Battlefield Earth. He first offers an apology to anyone who has seen it, then he offers a funny, outsider’s perspective of dealing with Scientologists, and the subsequent mangling of his script for what was once allegedly referred to by John Travolta as ‘The Schindler’s List of Sci-Fi.

The dude is actually pretty funny – worth reading.

Dale is never safe

My personal hero:

Captcha fail

Nice job, Facebook


Wendy’s a slut

I would totally seduce the patient

Los Vigilantes

Best song to do The Admiral to?

From UrbanDictionary:

1. (n)(sexual)- A male is doing a female from behind. Both are standing and the male is not using his hands so that every pelvic thrust causes the female to be propeled forward some. When the male can move the female arount the room without hitting any furniture he is an “admiral.”

So whats the best Admiral track?

I propose some DubStep:

To the shores of Tripoli

Learn how to play the bass and mainline pure black tar heroin

This is filled with some amazing bass riffs and some excellent shots of River Phoenix trying not to fall out of his chair.

Entertaining on multiple levels:

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The only thing that could make auto-tune worse

is Jesus auto-tune

Vibratin’ turn it-turn it up now guaranteed to shake Satan.

From Jalopnik.

I guess big numbers are better