I am, I am, I am

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What did you say?

Thanks D.

Mike also looks like this for the first 23 hours after waking up

“Look, I’m sorry for blowing up earlier. It’s just…I can feel tequila…in my face.”


Oh hey man, whatsup?

Dude I had the best shit ever today

diarrheaBot: i was thinking about putting it on the blog
diarrheaBot: let me tell you about it and then you can tell me what you think
TheLordThyGod : ok go
diarrheaBot: ok so im very careful to eat lots of prunes
diarrheaBot: i eat like 4 or 5 a day
diarrheaBot: so i can stay regular and loose
diarrheaBot: got it?
TheLordThyGod : uh…yeah
diarrheaBot: ok
diarrheaBot: anyway

diarrheaBot: today it didnt work so much
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That just happened


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I think I just got a ulcer looking at this