Uh, how the fuck did I miss this?

Already funded on indiegogo, now on Steam greenlight.


No joke, this game took me like 7 years to beat – had to wait for my brain to wire up better before I could get the muscle memory down right.

Must play this game about arcade machines on my arcade machine

Bestowing goodness upon the vitriolic shitwad that is my heart

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A videogame by Timothy Leary starring David Byrne

Never Finished.

Someone offered me $300 for my cabinet – empty

Its a goddamn classic.

Video, on the other hand, not doing it for me.

An Xbox peripheral that doesn’t suck, but won’t be made.

This guy is looking for Mike

Where he go.

Fuck Yes

Just watch the first 0:22.

From Charlie Booker’s Gaming Made Me on RPS

Parts 1 and 2.

The ZX80 could do fuck all. The only game I had wasn’t really a game, it was called Cheese Grater [I burst into laughter], which had a grey rectangle which represented a block of cheese, and you had to push a button, every time you pushed a button, which was touch sensitive, so it wasn’t even really a button, every time you did that a bit of cheese would disappear, and then it would tell you how long you’d taken to make all the cheese disappear.

Time to find a new DM?

Game over, man! Game over!

Snoop Dogg, Warren G, NWA

…but I want all of them!

The PC shall ever remain supreme!

The Stadium Pal

I only pay in Zenny


Please don’t suck