Deliverance. Heat. Midnight Cowboy. Karate Dog.

Get my shotgun

Definitively not Woodstock.

What the fuck is this shit?

I only pay in Zenny


Maybe Bane was Just Trying to Keep his Goatee Tidy?



Would you like to shave your goatee quickly and evenly every morning? The GoateeSaver is an easily adjustable goatee shaving template that will revolutionize the way you shave and trim your goatee. The GoateeSaver can be customized to your face in seconds, with three easy adjustments. Just place the GoateeSaver over your goatee and shave with your favorite razor to get the perfect look. The GoateeSaver is constructed with a mouthpiece for biting on to help keep the GoateeSaver firmly against the face. Note: Razor not included.

What the cock is this shit?

It’s like a Baby Bjorn for all your shattered dreams:

best job ever

Shit, I’d sell my soul for a special on rice too

“I was designed to eat shit. Please kill me.”

Little Yoshi gets his hands on the latest Wii peripheral

His mother wanted him to become a surgeon

But he always simply wanted his father to be proud of him.

Mike is getting his tubes tied

That kid at 1:30 is way to old to be crying about anything aside from a werewolf eating him alive.

Great, now I can browse the internet as if it were just invented

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…Open Your Mind

Standing around is now a thing of the past

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I see something else.

U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant

I can joke about this already, right?


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