These little guys got it all figured out, amirite?

I don’t know what I admire more…

…his social commentary or his seemingly invincible gastrointestinal tract:

If you enjoy watching this guy commit slow suicide, then check out his channel.


Tell that bitch to tip:


Happy Holidays!

Seriously, other countries, we need to talk.

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Better than the original

Non-puritanical cultures are nice because they dont have all these hangups and can just shake a booty

How great is that?  The only thing Americans know how to do is Martha Stewart or Real Sex 11.  Why not have both?

Are those marshmallows?

Yes. It is real.  Its just disconcerting that the French came up with this before we did.

NB: This was filmed inside my colon

Music for your mind, body and spirit (respectively)

Jazzy Jazz:

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Proof that at some point in its evolutionary past

Pizza did grow on trees

Fools! Yogurt will not sate his bloodlust. This child of Satan desires man-flesh.

He will nourish his hate with your soul:

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This would be great with saffron, black truffle and just a few shavings of Heston Blumenthal

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If that trench wasn’t there, those men would die.

Meta-sausage ft. bitches & bacon