Not The Last Comic Standing

One of my favorite stand-up comics

R.I.P, Greg Giraldo:

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Newsflash: you dont get 72 virgins for this one

I cry like a bitch every time

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The seal has been broken! The Dark Lord approaches!


The year is 2015 and dance battling has been outlawed in New York City. Micha a dynamic dancer with incredible speed, strength, agility and a supernatural power called “ENERGY” – has created “Boogie Town” an underground dance arena where dance crews come to battle it out to the end. Named after a special police unit aka “Boogie Police”, their mission is to capture and arrest dancers on sight. Micha, along with his crew, “The Trojans” are rivals with “The Warriors” led by Jay, once Micha’s longtime friend and mentor now his arch nemesis. Jay also possesses the mysterious ENERGY. Tensions between The Trojans and Warriors escalate from the dance floor to the streets when Jay learns that his younger sister Natalie has been secretly seeing Micha behind his back. Written by Tiffany Hughes

from the Writer/Director of You Got Served – so its gotta be good!

Did I enjoy this video? You decide.

I am all about Dean Stockwell over here

Just for Mike

Sir Terry Pratchett’s Self-Made Meteorite Sword.