The Great Tide

David “voice-like-warm-aged-velvet” Attenborough narrates some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen – sardines (about 500 million) – on BBC’s Natures Great Events “The Great Tide”.  I highly recommend watching this in YouTube’s HD:

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Why does Vader look like Mike’s dad all of a sudden

And other sci-fi quotes over at io9.

Daler Mehndi can’t be stopped!

WoW Dances:

Master Pimp

If it wasn’t for the herpes he most certainly has, I’d envy this man:

N.B. 1:14

file this under Chuck Norris

Free Psychic Energy Reading

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Theres a Leia Menage in there too

She really does the evil ninja librarian assasin thing well

She really does the evil ninja librarian assasin thing well

The Comic-Con 2009 Cosplay Gallery — 600 Amazing Costumes.  Title says it all, over at MaximumPC.

Can you believe theres a guy going as the Savage Dragon?  You couldn’t pick a more boring 90s comic if you tried.

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Oh, here’s a good one to bring back some fond memories. Remember the old Irem game for NES called Kung Fu? Yes, you remember the burlap sack sound effects, stiff controls and endless barrage of foes you couldn’t wait to take down. Well, Gary Gasko has gone and created an unofficial sequel with better visuals, better sounds, and better control. Cleverly titled Kung Fu 2, this nostalgia trip features nine stages and a surprisingly accurate reproduction of the original game’s mechanics. You know, only… better.


lvl 9 boss is impossible