“Telly Without Context”

Bits of TV taken out of context – its like channel surfing on acid.

How many seconds can you last?

I made 16.  Thats some serious FUPA!

Note, this is disgusting, watch at your own peril.

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There’s nothing wrong with me. As a matter of fact, I’m one of the few men in the city that has nothing *wrong* with him.

Douche bag phone call.  I hope this is fake, awesome either way.

Thanks N.

Update: from the comments,

I’ve met this guy – he’s called “Dimitri the Lover” – he’s been doing this type of thing for at least 5 years now. He’s a kind of ‘reality performance artist’ – he’s made the conscious decision to be the biggest, absolute throbbing veined, over-the-top, larger than life, complete and utter misogynistic, creepy, asshole to women that he could possibly be. He goes out of his way to be everything that women purport to hate, and find unattractive in a potential mate; and consequently gets more pussy than anyone I ever met. All the smarter women that realize or are made aware of what he’s doing play along with him when around women they don’t like – playing him up as a ’sex god’, He goes out clubbing and never pays for anything, fucks women in bathrooms, gets blow jobs in cabs and so on – and does it all while being the biggest fucking prick to women too stupid to realize what he’s doing. He never lies about what he is, and gives them all sorts of opportunities to walk away, but for some strange reason loads of women are drawn to his particular brand of ‘bad boy’ image, and seem to get off on being treated like total shit. And he’s actually not very attractive, he’s just got the biggest set of cajoles [cojones?] on the planet.


Update: Sounds like that comment may have come from himself, check http://dimitrithelover.livejournal.com/profile (he charges for dating advice)

My God, its Jennifer Lopez!

Meet the Shit-Pickle

Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu:

This makes me feel better about myself

So, not dancing turned out to be the right call all along.

Winston Gets the Shaft

Rocketing through the roof:

Enter the Zuul and defeat Gorza?:

Dogs and cats living together! Mass Hysteria!: