A great way to start the day

Some new school Bruce Lee knocks out some white trash loser thats about 3 times his size.


If that’s not good enough, it was in a parking lot.

And, by Brue Lee, I just mean Asian.

1-2-3- JIZZ!

This is amazing – two guys put their jizz in little tubes and they have a jizz race. Its not as gay as it sounds. Also to note, in a previous fertility test the white guy scored higher, so as a handicap ,they had him wear 10 pair of underwear for a week to cook his nads.



This shit is pretty!!!

I did my best

anybody around?

so I was like….

…Oh Yeah

Patent pending fart deoderizer, among other things


And don’t forget the ass-kicking machine.

2 classic music videos

Benny Benassi, Satisfaction – Thanks C

Erik Prydz, Call on me – Thanks Y