Murs vs Bling Hippo

Clearly his cartridge blowing technique needs some work.

I know it looks like I’m updating my blog, but really I’m just masturbating.

Streets of fire vs Streets on fire

Willem Dafoe?

Ok, maybe the second is better…

Now thats rad. Tell me that Grim Reaper deck isn’t the illest.

If we could only have had Willem Dafoe on a skateboard, that would have been the ultimate.

Of course I love you…

here’s LL’s version

Ive heard of viral marketing, but not insectoid marketing

I have a Zoo York poster and T-shirt, that makes me cool, right?

No, just a poser.  Whos too old.

Is there any alternative sport the Japanese can’t master?

Not a sunflower, its silicon oxide nanowires

Silicon oxide nanowires have an amusing habit of arranging themselves into impressive patterns. When S.K. Hark, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, looked at some of them under a scanning electron microscope, he saw flowers. Unlike plants, their fertilizers were gallium and gold catalysts — which allowed them to grow to several microns in length while maintaining a roughly 10-nanometer diameter. The physics professor colorized his award-winning crop to enhance their resemblance to real sunflowers.

Nano Photos Rival Modern Art over at Wired

From Slashdot