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First our jobs, now our video games

Disney to buy marvel?

Deal hasn’t gone through yet, still needs approval of Marvel shareholders, but is planned to be a $4 billion deal.

Since Disney has Pixar, I’ll be waiting for some awesome CGI Marvel movies (please!)

On BBC News.

They spent 1/8 of the budget for the whole season

just to license this song

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Knock it off Joey!

This plant eats rats

And its been named after David Attenborugh, the Nepenthes attenboroughii:

Seriously though, it looks like they just threw this rat in there and took a quick shot before it got out.

Here’s a video of Attenborugh with the plants suspected closest relative, the Nepenthes Rajah, which is smaller (the Nepenthes attenboroughii is up to four feet long, which is almost big enough to fit mikes wang):

The article is also good enough to point this out:

The newly discovered species is a meat-eater, like man-eating plant Audrey in the film Little Shop Of Horrors

Thanks.  Not doing much to cultivate the refined image some people have of limeys.

At dailymail.

A Lifeline? Really Snoop?