Take me with you

BBC. Knightfall.

The playlist of the first season:

Science wins

The clothes you like is coming back in sty-ule


Mike – better get 3.

Well, Mike and I wrote a book.

And we never broke each others heats… tear.


(…projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.)

Why you hit so haaaaad

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Can someone please tell these Fremen how to put their stillsuits on

Note to self: become friends with this guy (sorry Mike)

Someone offered me $300 for my cabinet – empty

Its a goddamn classic.

Video, on the other hand, not doing it for me.

An Xbox peripheral that doesn’t suck, but won’t be made.

Yeah, I’m OK with this.

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Fuck Yes

Just watch the first 0:22.

From Charlie Booker’s Gaming Made Me on RPS

Parts 1 and 2.

The ZX80 could do fuck all. The only game I had wasn’t really a game, it was called Cheese Grater [I burst into laughter], which had a grey rectangle which represented a block of cheese, and you had to push a button, every time you pushed a button, which was touch sensitive, so it wasn’t even really a button, every time you did that a bit of cheese would disappear, and then it would tell you how long you’d taken to make all the cheese disappear.


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