This is doubly-good because:

  1. Reading The Daily Mail will make you confident that the British are morons
  2. Reading this article in The Daily Mail will make you confident that Serbians are morons

‘Put garlic in your windows and crosses in your homes’: Serbian council warns residents vampire is on the loose after his ‘house’ collapses

Did he say he plays the vibes?

Does not compute on any level

I don’t get it – its for the deaf, but you’re supposed to dig the music?  Is that just supposed to make them feel shitty?

Aside from that, wtf.

Also, did that vampire come from avatar or something?  Why the fuck is he blue.

Demon Juggler & his puppet familiar play Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

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This is what happens at the medieval festival in Colorado.

Can you watch the whole thing?

I love the chocolate mucus

actually, this song kinda brings me down

I don’t care. I still like this.

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Its the second thing that comes up on youtube for “happy birthday”

5 years now.

iTunes Music Store TV


First time home since the ‘cane (that’s hurricane for people not as cool as me).