Uh, how the fuck did I miss this?

Already funded on indiegogo, now on Steam greenlight.

To fuel your birthday nightmares

Happy birthday man.

From the Holy Land

מה נסגר

This is what happens at the medieval festival in Colorado.

Can you watch the whole thing?

Its the second thing that comes up on youtube for “happy birthday https://wastingtimewithmikeandari.wordpress.com/”

5 years now.

This year I didn’t forget

I don’t know what she’s protesting but I want to join the cause

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Is it weird that this video left me semi-erect?

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The soundtrack for Mike’s bathroom

The best video I never fapped to

I dunno why, but I like this game better than the last one

Uploaded to YouTube by yours truly (I know it’s sad, but I’m proud of myself):

Happy Birthday WTMA

I think this makes it 4 years… has it been so long…

Happy Birthday.

Honestly, just terrific.

Wait for it…

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I want to work to there

I think I just got a raise

Goodbye erections, you will be missed.

This is an actor doing the voice-over for what I’m sure is a classy film about an innocent Swiss pizza boy who happens upon an over-stimulated quintagenarian.

My penis is screaming: