The scariest halloween video ever

Definitely not porno:

Please excuse me while I wash my eyes with listerene.

Its not easy being orange

Halloween Awakening:

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin:

happy halloween

I like this more than my own dick

Happy Halloween

How fucking sweet is that!

Thanks Matt.

I totally got the count wrong

Brainiac is the best fucking show ever (after Bill Nye), but I have to go to Israel to watch it.  Wait, did I just find out its on G4?

Rough Science is also kickass, but I’ve also only seen that in Israel.  Why have I never seen it on PBS?

Americas next top zombie idol

Over at io9.

Isn’t she pretty? What a guy!

from Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry and Paul!:

I havent been posting because I’ve been too busy playing this

Its a game by Richard Garfield (the guy who destroyed my life by inventing Magic: The Gathering) and some other dude.  Shocker then that the mechanics are kind of M:TG lite.  The game is about as deep as Castle Wars, except you can’t make your own deck (its generated randomly – that kind of sucks).

The gameplay works out in a campaign mode, and you get more cards/skills as you go, which is cool.  I think you can also play online vs other people, so Mike, we should be rocking this in the future.

The only badness is its $20, to buy, which seems a bit steep ($10 or $15 seems the right price for this game), but I’m still going through the campaign on the free demo version.