Hey Kids! Do You Love “Lil’ Baby Makes-You-Kill”?…

…then you’ll love “Lil’ Baby Blood-in-Her-Stool”

This needy plague-bearer will infect your heart with joy and AIDS as it leaks puss from every orifice.

Bounce her on your knee and you’ll be sure to fall in love with your new bucket of death as her emaciated viscera rattles like a sack of chestnuts.

Just squeeze her distended anus to hear syphilitic rantings like, “My insides feel itchy” or “My goiter is moist”.

Lil’ Baby Blood-in-Her-Stool comes with discolored mucous, irritable bowel, and Hepatitis C.

by Mattel: Lactating disease since 1945

Fuck Yeah

First Class gets you a lapdance

Pass this on to your pops

Rest of episode in the links on the yt page.

The fanblades on my Scout aren’t made out of any pinko-plastic.  I got 2mm steel fanblades – could cut down a tree with it if I wanted.

This makes me retarted happy

Oh look, here’s the original for the die-hard fans

Even more Mr. Personality

The Eater of Joy has arrived

Cower before the Sorrow-Bringer:

The nightmare continues…

Happy Thanksgiving