Jewish Girl Prank Calls Her Parents

Jewish girl pranks her parents, saying she’s going out with an Italian dude

“Oh kill me with a knife.  Kill me with a fucking knife.”  – The Mom

This is priceless.

PSA – Don’t teabag

With McLovin

Do – Kill with fingernails

Vice’s fashion Dos and Donts – I dont give a shit about fashion, but this stuff is hillarious.


In Stockholm he’s a legendary performance artist from the 60s who all the punk kids call “Grandfather Martin.” In New York he’s a scary bum who’s about to take a shit in the middle of the train and then stab you with his four-inch fingernails.

The Kids in the Hall Scare the Shit Out of Me

thanks steph!

some Censored Sketches


Post – apocalyptic survival vehicles

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Dustin the Turkey – Irelande Douze Pointe

Ireland’s Eurovision Entry

“Apparently this Turkey’s been a star in Ireland since the mid 90’s…… no for real… I do mean it.” – Ed (thanks Ed!)

Ireland, Twelve Points!!!

Three great mechanisms which compel Mike to pray for death


Flying Alarm Clock:

The Turing Alarm Clock: