Thats a 10XL

Here comes the pain

Although I never wrestled, or even went to a school that had a wrestling program, I once visited one that did.

Why?  To pick up some math textbooks.

Anyway, while I was there, they had this phrase painted on the ceiling: “If you can read this, you are doing something wrong.

Well, I present the Israel Defense Force’s official youtube page, which should have the slogan “If you can see yourself on camera, you are already dead.

Watch as some dickheads loading rockets off a truck are sent to the land of wind and ghosts:

Irakkis. DUNE. Desert Storm.

From Idleworm:


Mission: Find this man and party

Another bit of brilliance from Eyal

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Is this what you wanted?

Little Britain’s Mr. Doggie:

Thanks Eyal.

SNL is dying and the only prescription is more cowbell


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Over and over and over again