Giant Mech Learns to Love, Kills Thounsands

Army mechanic, Carlos Owens, plans to give tetanus to all who stand in his way:


Fungal brain infection

From the extremely excellent Planet Earth series.

BTW, since when did “disorientated” become a word?  Limeys.

Generally good natured


Get ready for a Bat Fight.

You might need to jiggle it a little bit

From ThisIsPhotoBomb.

Tom Cruise 18x as crazy as murderer Phil Spector

Not really *that* surprising

Not really *that* surprising

Post MJ whos the craziest man in America poll over at asylum.

The only thing I can tolerate about football

is the touchdown dance.

Everything else as enjoyable as what I expect to find in purgatory

Sloths – nature’s burnout

I love these guys – I have so much in common with them: we’re slow and hairy, we bathe like twice a year, and when I don’t cut my nails they tend to resemble the claws of a baracuda.

By the way – I’m single ladies!

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