The horrors of the deep

2 = 1. Prove me wrong, bitches.

Start with:
A = B

Multiply both sides by A:
A² = AB

Add A² to both sides:
2A² = A² + AB

Subtract 2AB from both sides:
2A² – 2AB = A² – AB

Factor out the integers:
2(A² – AB) = 1(A² – AB)

Divide both sides by (A² – AB):
2 = 1

Please don’t suck

Purdy – Will be game #83

Being that Bastion is one of the few games I’ve truly enjoyed in the past half-decade, this will be a buy unless they totally blow it.

Its a mellow freak out.

If hes not screaming bloody murder

Mike may also look like this while taking his weekly dig.

“Mask?” what an asshole. We all know its cape and cowl

It’s the bloody Mason!

Swede Mason rediscovers R Kelly:

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