Like a sausage but with cracks on the surface

Breathing through your mouth doesn’t help.

Theres like a thousand of these.  They are real and old.

“I was designed to eat shit. Please kill me.”

The soundtrack for Mike’s bathroom

NB: This was filmed inside my colon

This is some high-class shit right here

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Microscopic view of Mikes toilet

Epic Diarrhea Time

I’ll bet it smells just like Tila Tequila’s taco

Crazy Alcohol Rainbow Pig

Sorry, I had Taco Bell earlier

The Door to Hell:

To The Muses

Whether on Ida’s shady brow
Or in the chambers of the East,
The chambers of the Sun, that now
From ancient melody have ceased;

Whether in heaven ye wander fair,
Or the green corners of the earth,
Or the blue regions of the air
Where the melodious winds have birth;

Whether on crystal rocks ye rove,
Beneath the bosom of the sea,
Wandering in many a coral grove;
Fair Nine, forsaking Poetry;

How have you left the ancient love
That bards of old enjoy’d in you!
The languid strings do scarcely move,
The sound is forced, the notes are few.

- William Blake

Interestingly, they have the same reaction to Mike’s fart

If it doesn’t kill them:

You might not know that small owl species are sometimes on the menu for larger owl species.  When faced with the barn owl, which is only slightly larger than itself, the Transformer owl puffs itself up to look as big as possible in an effort to scare the barn owl away.  When faced with the second, much larger owl, however, it does the exact opposite.  By elongating its body, flattening its feathers and squinting its eyes, this little owl mimics a dead branch in the hopes of camouflaging itself from the larger bird.  It’s a pretty amazing and odd-looking adaption, wouldn’t you agree?

Discovery blogs via Digg via Japan.

This is why I vomited

This is Why You’re Fat is a website filled with culinary abominations like Spam Wontons, Corn Dog Casserole, and The Widowmaker.  Another is Cheetos Coated in Strawberry Yogurt Glaze, which is just stupid.

Below is a picture of the “Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich” which consists of leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, mac & cheese, spinach balls, puerto rican rice, brussel sprouts, pearl onions, bacon, White Castle hamburgers and ravioli in a foot long bun.  I have a lot of problems with this one.  First, White Castle? Really?  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Castle but it doesn’t need any help in giving you diarrhea, it does fine on its own.  Oh, and speaking of diarrhea – doesn’t this look like the kind of shit your shit would take if it had diarrhea?  I would ask Paul Cozzi, the man who submitted this, but I can only assume he’s dead now.  Let us observe a moment of silence but deadly in his memory.

Between you and me, I needed it

The track is fine, but must listen to the skit at 4:15.


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