Come and witness the last vestiges of my childhood torn from my heart and forcefully yanked out my anus.

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Deliverance. Heat. Midnight Cowboy. Karate Dog.

What the fuck is this shit?

All this time I hated techno, but it took this random internet video to make me realize it.

Anyone recognize the asshole on the couch?

She’s no Bugs Bunny



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Please stop. You’re making everyone uncomfortable.

This is all I hear

The Stuff of Nightmares

When the seventh seal is opened and Hell’s army pours fourth from the cursed Earth, and all the purity and love is gone from this world, the sound heard over the cries of pain and anguish endured by the miserable wretches forgotten by god shall be known as “Ghost Parade”:

I think he’s sweet

Meet the Pyro:


Is it weird that this video left me semi-erect?

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The gods look favorably upon those who hug ninjas

Rambo: Last Blood -


I killed all of my friends

But it’s ok, they were bitten by zombies.

Organ Trail

It’s a cross-country adventure through the zombie apocalypse and it’s up to you to make it to Safe Haven (with or without your companions):

How to Raise a Dragon

‘Superman IV: The Quest for Alan Smithee’

This deleted scene from an earlier script shows us how lucky we were to have Nuclear Man as our antagonist:

wtf is a dubalow?

Shit, I’d sell my soul for a special on rice too

This isn’t funny you guys. He’s obviously in need of some real help.

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This is pretty awesome

I recommend skipping to 5:30, that’s when it gets good:



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