Strictly for heterosexuals

Turkish oil wrestling.  The rules:

  1. Allowed only to wear buffalo hide shorts
  2. Men and boys cover themselves head to toe in olive oil, both over and under shorts
  3. You are allowed to grab by the shorts
  4. You are allowed to grab by the buttocks
  5. Not a lie

Good think Ataturk straightened shit up in that country after The Great War.  I think according to Sharia these men would be required to do pennance by having sex with Cher for touching other men in this manner.

WWMB – What would McBain (McBane?) do?

But lets be fair.  They also came up with this.  Even a reserved Englishman like Michael Palin needs a shovel to get his jaw off the floor.

6 Responses

  1. ^That is why I don’t even care my passport’s expired…

  2. they’re like muscular hagfish

  3. I’ve never seen a man picked up by his anus before. That greasy little dude got treated like a 200lb bowling ball.

  4. Changed my mind, getting passport renewed and going to NL for Xmas….

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