Are those marshmallows?

Yes. It is real.  Its just disconcerting that the French came up with this before we did.

One Response

  1. A couple of problems here:

    01) If one burger is for Jedis, then the other should be for Siths

    02) Its ‘Darth Vader’ not ‘Dark Vador’

    03) The French Suck

    04) I don’t think a Jedi would want teeth as a condiment.

    05) Fuck the French

    06) These “burgers” are based on the piece-of-shit prequels

    07) Clearly, Yoda is not impressed

    08) Seriously, fuck the French

    09) The bottom left corner says “Dark = puissance obscure” which Google translates to “Dark Power”. So Dark = Dark Power? Well I’m sorry you goddam French bastards but X ≠ X + 1!!!

    10) The French are diarrhea people.

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