Michael Jackson rescues cheerleaders, transforms into a spaceship, and kills Joe Pesci

!!!Spoiler Alert!!!

There’s the scene where Michael is being chased by evil claymation fanatics, forcing him to disguise himself as a rabbit and enter into a music video for “Speed Demon”.  Then there’s the scene where Joe Pesci(Mr. Big) and his henchman try to kill Michael but a shooting star lets him turn into a flame spewing Knight-Rideresque “car” which, naturally, leads to the “Smooth Criminal” video.  Towards the end we get to see Michael become silver(a metaphor for Vitiligo?) and turn into a spaceship and blow up Joe Pesci ending with a cover of “Come Together” where Michael air-humps his guitarist.

That’s right – it’s Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (if you haven’t seen it you will not be permitted to enter the kingdom of heaven).

And this is the Sega Genesis game based on that movie:

You can find the torrent for Moonwalker (the movie) here.

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