Uncle Rico’s car for sale on Ebay

I’m selling Uncle Rico’s van! Up for auction here is THE one and only AUTHENTIC van used in the movie NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. This van is a 1975 Dodge Santana van with the camper package; including 2 beds, refrigerator, stove, cupboards, and sink.

The van remains unchanged from when it was used for the film, but has been well maintained and is ready for the road TODAY!

Van sports a powerful V8, excellent tires with tons of life left, a working CB radio, and sweet swivel captain’s chairs.

Automatic transmission has recently had a total rebuild and has all new wheel bearings and seals.

Van shows wear comensurate with its age, but is quite solid and well running. There are 2 cracked windows, one right rear door window, and one right rear vent window. The windows will need to be replaced, but remain in place.

Mike, if you and me chip in, we could finally have that mobile love nest we’ve always dreamed of.  It has a poster of a tiger, lots of plywood, and at least 3 layers of mattresses that have been stewing in love juices for 40 years.  Only two broken windows!

With two separate beds, we can have one for early afternoon lovmaking, and one for late night lovemaking (late-late night lovemaking can be on the floor, or in a daisy patch).  That way, neither of us has to sleep in the wet spot!

from Jalopnik

One Response

  1. its cool for movie memorabilia, but kind of has a rape-mobile feel to it.

    I’ll take it.

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