Did these guys just make Queen gay?

Just Look Around You

Robert Popper says to thank this dude

My parents never bought me this one

And I’ll never forgive them for it. I totally remember this being the game EVERYONE had to have for NES back in 3rd grade.

I like the Instant Hell Murder.

(Only true SFA fans will catch that reference.)

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Paul Miller AKA DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid

“The Physics of Presence…but with Rhythm” – DJ Spooky

Ibid, d├ęsmarches, ibid


Spooky on “Why Can’t America Have Human Rights?”

“We have a great opportunity, during this time of war, to lead the world toward suicide and murder.

Let’s Roll.”

– G.W.Bush

Hip Hop Harry: When you pass me look me in my eyes. Tell me to my fucking face that you ready to die.

So I’m jetlagged, up at 6:00 in the morning and I catch a show called Hip Hop Harry on TV.

Since Hip Hop is all about the remix, here’s one from youtube.

Here’s another – Twistin my blunt I’m gettin high

Is Hip Hop Harry from East Saint Louis?

Crime East Saint Louis National Average
Murder 63.4 6.9
Rape 342.4 32.2
Robbery 954.3 195.4
Assault 6,489.8 340.1
Burglary 2,520.4 814.5
Automobile Theft 2,000.5 526.5

Hip Hop Harry even made The Soup

Ok, whats next, the black kid talking about food stamps and how he can’t swim?