I take back every bad thing I ever said about Canadians

Bohemian RCMP:

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And now it’s time for the third episode in our Semi-Tri-Annual MashUp Featurette of the Week

Day 3 – “Dial M for Marigolds”

Part 1 – “Prodigal Son”:

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We have a winner…

…and its not this guy.  Its the muppets.

Still good though:

King of the Impossible

For those of you wondering what Flash has been up to lately, the answer is nothing good.

You take your girl, multiply her by four

Mika – Big Girl. 

It’s a shameless rip of Freddy Mercury in vocal styles, lyrics, and melody (so basically every possible way), but I’m digging it anyway.  Might as well call “Big Girl” “Fat Bottom Girl” and get it over with.

So I guess its to be expected that I like it, but feel a little gay when listening to it.