BBC. Knightfall.

The playlist of the first season:

Happy Hump Day

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Like a sausage but with cracks on the surface

Happy Birthday Geordi

It’s a LeVar Burton extravaganza -

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I dunno why, but I like this game better than the last one

Uploaded to YouTube by yours truly (I know it’s sad, but I’m proud of myself):

Honestly, just terrific.

Wait for it…

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Two dudes, One hang glider

you know that shit has to land somewhere:

It’s all just flannel

Only Dopes Say Nope…or something like that

more from KassemG

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So worth it

Did you know Pat Morita was only 23 years old when they filmed The Karate Kid?:

Koto + Kelly = Cosmic Connection

I smoke rocks

3 years and going temperate

Happy Anniversary WTMA!

Rudy will await your foundation

Ari hated my last 2 posts

First it was Busdriver.  “speaking quickly doesn’t make a song good” – I tell you what buddy, sometimes it does (and its “doesn’t make a song well“).

Then it was Cracked’s “The 8 Most blah blah blah” That video was funny, so I’m forced to assume you were having a bad day.

Well prepare yourself because these 3 videos are about to smother your soul in a jizz-like substance I like to call happiness.

  • Video the first – “Vicarious Fun”

Since no one in their right mind would ever ride someone else’s backyard coaster, we can instead sit back and relax while watching others risk their lives on amateur engineering projects:

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Fixing Asus no-boot when usb devices plugged in

Yeah, so I have an Asus Rampage Formula x48 in my custom rig.

A  little while after building it I noticed that it would freeze while booting (off the bios) whenever any USB devices aside from a mouse/keyboard were plugged in.

I’ve seen this described on a few forum posts:


So it seems to be a common Asus problem and not just to the Rampage Formulas.  One answer I saw was to disable Legacy USB Support in the BIOS, another said this only happens with the USB ports by the ethernet port, but these did not do the trick for me.

After calling tech support (they told me to flash the BIOS and I said “uh, no”) I tried some combinations of things.  This is what worked for me in the end:

  1. Disable Legacy USB Support
  2. Disable Port 64/60 Emulation
  3. Disable EHCI Hand-off (all in USB Configuration)
  4. Set Plug and Play O/S to *YES* (in PCI PnP menu)

If you are using anything but an ancient operating system (older than XP, and if you’re doing that, you are both a moron and don’t have this motherboard), you should use these settings anyway.  For some reason, Asus assumes everyone is running OS/2 Warp or something, so everything is messed up in the default settings.

Nice job, guys (wtf) !


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