Movie Review: Vicky Christina Barcelona

This was the worst chick movie ever.

The only bright side is that Penelope Cruz and Scarlet Johansen (may be spelling either/both of those wrong) do make out.

But its not like 30 minutes of “I’m the plumber I came to fix your pipes” make out.

Worst part?  The video I had skipped through half of the lez-ing.

You would think was going to be good:

But its really not.

Movie Review: The Wackness

Ben Kingsley andMary Kate Olsen make out.

Yeah thats not weird

Yeah thats not weird

Aside from that, some unconvincing ebonics is thrown around, and a scene where a high school guy wanks it.  Great.

Thats all you need to know.

An alternative to P2P

I don’t know what the world is coming to these days.  Its like companies actually feel like they should be making money off of their intellectual property, and that its wrong to steal it?  Craziness.

Anyway, I’m no lawyer, and don’t really have any idea what I’m talking about, but from what I know, most of the ways you can get in trouble from stealing IP over the internet is because its very illegal to give that information to other people (check out the DMCA).  For that reason, the downloading part of P2P is bad, but based on law the very bad part is sending pieces of that data back to other people, which all P2P programs do by definition.

So how can you get the shit you want, without disseminating that information back to other people?  Simple, just drop the P2P, and move onto some system that uses a tradditional client/server setup (there’s nothing wrong with tradition).

Back in the day that would mean trawling around IRC forums and hitting ratio based FTP sites, but thank god those days are over.

Rapidshare is basically a website where people can just dump files, and then share the links to those files with other people.  The trick is how to find those files.  Rapidshare doesn’t provide a way to search for files on their servers, so you have to use 3rd party Rapidshare search engines.  I like rapidlibrary, or their MegaUpload search engine 4MegaUpload.

The biggest problem with Rapidshare though is the file size restrictions – you’ll usually have to download multiple pieces of the file in .RAR format and then piece them back together.  Just get free WinRar, and it’ll take care of everything automatically.

You can buy what from the government? A jet engine.

Last time I told you about a jail up for grabs.

This time, we have something a little more exiting.  Yes, up for sale is a General Electric J-85-17A, which produces 2,850 lbs of thrust.  Thats a little more than I have in my Saturn.  Just a little.

The auction details are available here, but just in case that goes away, here are some photos:

jetengine1jetengine2Now you too, can make the Darwin Awards.

More Facebook hacks

Yes, again.

This is already the third time this has happened – more Facebook accounts are getting hijacked and sending out spam.  Seems to be a different attack this time as now the messages are not being sent as wall posts, and this is no longer just spam (like the fake weed attack was).  The new attack sends links to websites so that they can install ActiveX trojans, which will install malware/viruses on your machine.

If you click on the link it takes you to some janky-fake youtube page (yUOtube), and then the page will attempt to install malware.

So, if you get a message with the title:

You should be ashamed by this behavior.

and then says COOL in the body with some URL (in this case it was

Don’t follow it.

LeMons Overalanyzed Updated for Toledo / Detroitish 2008

Yes, once again I have update the 24 Hours of Lemons analysis I have been doing.

To see the most recent results check the LeMons Overanalyzed page.

After the 2008 Toledo race the statistics look as follows (the images on this page won’t be updated in the future):

Performance by Country

Performance by Country

Performance by Make

Performance by Make

Performance by Model

Performance by Model

How to add an LPR printer in Windows Server 2008

Wow, this makes no sense at all.  There are two (perhaps more) methods to add a printer in WS2008, but only one of them allow you to add an LPR port (as far as I could tell).  At any rate, to save everyone the same 3 hour headache I had with getting an LPR printer functionng in WS2008, check this out.

First of all, in order to enable LPR in WS2008, follow these instructions:

1. How *not* to do it:

Do not go through the printer section in the control panel.

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