This is pretty awesome

I recommend skipping to 5:30, that’s when it gets good:


Wiggle your big toe

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My morning shit takes longer

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What have I done now?

These games are getting so realistic:

Escape from Little China

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If Narnia exists, this guy will find it

Knifey Spooney

What, are you fucking kidding me? This is bullshit. I could totally kick their asses.

now do my bidding

Japan chooses a new emperor


Worth the attention

Back in the day, even cheating was hard.

Slow to start, but still a better idea than the new Spiderman

For the sake of the children, if you see someone in a spider-man outfit, just kill him.

Can’t Megan’s Law prevent this bullshit?

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A six year old wrote this

No, no lightspeed is too slow

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