Dung: The Harvesting

Its a remake.  Look at all the res:

From RPS.

For the sake of the children, if you see someone in a spider-man outfit, just kill him.

Can’t Megan’s Law prevent this bullshit?

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Mike’s Penis.

You can be the bun, and I can be the burger, girl.

Mike plays his like an upright bass

A tiny water boatman is the loudest animal on Earth relative to its body size, a study has revealed.

Scientists from France and Scotland recorded the aquatic animal “singing” at up to 99.2 decibels, the equivalent of listening to a loud orchestra play while sitting in the front row.

The insect makes the sound by rubbing its penis against its abdomen in a process known as “stridulation”.

El Beeb.

Mike ate a burrito

Are you sure you wanna hop in there?

Anyone else get a boner from watching this?

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Made in Taiwan

If she could do all this while making me breakfast and doing the dishes, she’d be a real catch:

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Koto + Kelly = Cosmic Connection

I miss 1992

Don’t bother with the sound on this one:

R.I.P. my childhood

Finally, people with Jaundice have a chance in the porn industry:

Although I was only 4 years old at the time, I instantly went through puberty the moment this aired.

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It is the dessert What is useful The abominable snowman With the abominable child teenage A love of dessert

Lio – Banananananananana:

WTMA is not barely legal

I might forget Mike’s birthday, but I remembered the most important day of the year.

Today is WT(w)MA’s 3rd birthday.  Here’s the post that started it all:

Now for some cake:

Seriously, people are into this?

If you want to get your own:

3 years and going temperate

Happy Anniversary WTMA!

Proof that Stephen Fry isn’t gay

Mike, you can start crying now, because you will never get to make love with this man.

How do I know?

There are very rare occasions when it is ok to wear a jacket closed with the top button open, and this isn’t one of them.

Any gay guy would know that.


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