For the sake of the children, if you see someone in a spider-man outfit, just kill him.

Can’t Megan’s Law prevent this bullshit?

Can we finally have a serious discussion about the welfare of our (your) kids:

7 Responses

  1. Dear God in Heaven, how the hell am I ever going to have nice dreams ever again?

    • I started looking for more videos to give you nightmares but I just quit in the middle, do you know what happens why you try and do that on youtube? This evening I will burn my eyes out with lye.

  2. Looks better than:

    • This shit really pisses me off! The first spiderman was made 8 fucking years ago! The third one was made in 200fucking7!

      OK, I’m sure there are a few necessary updates that need to be made. I can think of a few instances when spiderman could’ve used an iPad or made some poignant remark about the tragedy in Norway.

      Hey, I have an idea – why doesn’t someone remake Cowboys and Aliens or Captain America. Those movies are old news by now.

      “But Mike, this movie is called The Amazing Spiderman, so its different.”

      Suck my dick.

  3. Thats the most fucked up onion clip ever.

  4. Wow, the new Peter Parker looks gayer than Elton John’s shoe closet. The next remake of Spider man, which will be released 2 weeks ago, will star Jake Gyllenhall as Toby McGuire and Neil Patrick Harries as Mary Jane.

    Now I’m going to show you something actually worth watching.

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