No sequel for you

Sean Bean Death Reel  [Warning – every clip is a spoiler]:

on a happier note

4 Responses

  1. Looks like Charlie Brooker might be the biggest Jedward fan of them all.

  2. OH YEA! I meant to say who the hell is this Sean Bean, I’ve seen like 2 of these movies. There should be a different word for UK movies, like sub-movies or neanderfilms.

  3. A shipmate of mine just said something relevant about Sean Bean being the only character actor who dies more often than the one nameless guy in the Star Trek away team. “Bones, Spock, Mr. McCoy, Sulu, and…. you in the blue shirt.”

    • Sean would be proud to know that people are saying relevant things about him.

      Also, how great would it be if he plays a bit part in the new Star Trek movie as a lowly ensign who gets killed and is promptly forgotten

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