Standing around is now a thing of the past

0:05 – “how do you take a seat?” maybe with one of those folding chairs.

0:20-0:30 – what if I want to see over that three inch high mound of dirt in front of me?

0:35 – “no more folding chair frustration” with this new folding chair.

0:47 – I have a feeling that my 250 lbs weighs more than his 250 lbs.

0:52 – I don’t think he’s thought this through at all.

0:58 – I don’t like you.

1:02 – No, you have one seat in your pocket and its for you.

1:05 – I think their huge RV could lug around a couple of normal chairs…and maybe a nicer tent.

1:07 – She’s clearly part of a government experiment where ape brains were put into human bodies and then deprived of electrolytes.

1:18 – what?

1:22 – calm down dude

1:28 – aren’t normal chairs cheaper than that?

1:34 – whats the point of having a carrying case for a chair that’s supposed to fit in your pocket?

1:36 – because no one wants to sit next to someone in a fucking pocket chair.

1:51 – No.

4 Responses

  1. Proof there is no after life as surely the ghost of Kurt Cobain would have struck her dead….

    • I’d rather suck the cuttlefish out of a jap’s asshole than suffer this kind of ear rape.

      How are we supposed to defend ourselves against technologically superior alien species who wish to judge mankind for its collective sins?

      I suppose we could play them this song and hope they kill themselves before remembering to annihilate our planet.

    • Miley! Miley! A thousand deaths were not enough for Miley!

  2. does the carrying case means it comes with its own pocket?


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