It’s a lovely day here in Winnipeg. The temperature is a brisk 12 degrees Celsius. The wind is heading in a North-Easterly direction at 5 mph. I’m getting word that any minute now we should see them, right on time as usual. The crowd has fallen silent in anticipation and–wait…I think I see something…yes, HERE COME THE GEESE!

Introducing WTMA’s first mandatory Caption Contest!  Can you come up with a better title than me?  No, but you still have try…or else.  Just remember to have fun with it and none of your loved ones will get hurt.  That’s the WTMA promise!

The winner will receive freedom from tyranny and oppression. Offer void in my basement.

3 Responses

  1. he finally had enough and laced his lawn with dulcolax

  2. “Mike’s eating a three-cheese-chili-burrito… don’t fly into the gas cloud… leg it!.”

    “French family’s arrival disrupts local wildlife.”

    “Gen. Gooser McFowl outfoxes hunters with new ground migration tactic”

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