Hey Kids! Do You Love “Lil’ Baby Makes-You-Kill”?…

…then you’ll love “Lil’ Baby Blood-in-Her-Stool”

This needy plague-bearer will infect your heart with joy and AIDS as it leaks puss from every orifice.

Bounce her on your knee and you’ll be sure to fall in love with your new bucket of death as her emaciated viscera rattles like a sack of chestnuts.

Just squeeze her distended anus to hear syphilitic rantings like, “My insides feel itchy” or “My goiter is moist”.

Lil’ Baby Blood-in-Her-Stool comes with discolored mucous, irritable bowel, and Hepatitis C.

by Mattel: Lactating disease since 1945

3 Responses

  1. The Knight Rider sketch is pretty great 4:00 mins in… TURBO BOOST!

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