The Eater of Joy has arrived

Cower before the Sorrow-Bringer:

The nightmare continues…

6 Responses

  1. I started twitching when I saw this android cause I knew it reminded me of something I was trying to block out of my mind…. I’d strongly recommend no one watch this no matter what.

  2. I need to take 20 long showers now. Thanks.

  3. How can i find out more information about the creator of these videos? I want to contact them.

    • 1) You need to find some rope, a virgin, and a curved dagger forged in the fires of Mordor.

      2) Tie up the virgin (preferably to an obsidian slab slathered with the viscous residue of sodomy).

      3) Remove your clothing and offer yourself to the demons that dance with the wind.

      4) Disembowel the virgin and ignite the entrails thereby opening a rift to the everlasting pains of hell.

      5) Go to hell. Suffer an eternity of fiery butt-rape.

      6) If, by chance, the prince of darkness deigns to defile you with his presence, feel free to ask for his contact info.

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