Still looks better than Spiderman 3

From IMDB:

This the same film like child´s play ,one of the most famous horror film,Revenge of the Red Baron is not scary because the Red Baron is one of the worst Killer dolls that it was building ever.the fight with the planes is funny and the murders are funny too.If you have Scary of Horror films please Watch this and your fright Become laugh. SENTENCE FOR THIS FUNNY MOVIE:It´s a waste of time

5 Responses

  1. Story…. It’s my LIFE!

    Maybe the Red Barron wouldn’t be so angry if he had some nice Faggots and Peas…

    Every faggot eater where’s a silk bowtie.

  2. Tobey Maguire shouldn’t be allowed to live anymore, let alone act

  3. huh, that’s not right… it’ll make more sense with the right link… and “wear” not “where”…

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