Death is coming

3 Responses

  1. Every turn I was like oooow… death is coming… but all there is is euro-trash and this vuvuzela like noise… maybe death was stopped by vigilant airport security…

    • I liked that hanuman punch up the ol’ rectum.

      • That was one of the most epic moments ever put down on film; the sound effect added was an inspiration.

        Of course in all seriosisity, one must remember this is a seriously-serious test as a precaution to suppository bombings…

        “The suppository bomber turns up at the Saudi prince’s place, says hello to the Saudi prince, pulls out a trigger, fires off the bomb, then blasts himself vertically, straight through the ceiling. The Saudi prince picks himself up and says, “Right, now then, where was I?” And that’s the end of that. It’s a perfect sight gag. For everyone other than the guy’s mother, it’s a funny story.” – Chris Morris

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