So I bought Arkham Asylum.

Its really not that much fun.

For the same reason MGS is also garbage.

Nothing can stand toe to toe with this game (feel free to at 7:30):


Problems with Arkham?

  • Batman looks like the guy from minecraft – who has a head that square?
  • Combat is about as interesting as it is in Diablo – just keep randomly clicking the mouse and you’ll be fine
  • Shitty camera
  • Shitty story
  • Non-redefinable keybindings
  • Stealth system that doesn’t make sense – in Splinter Cell the whole game is the stealth system
  • Gargoyles just happen to be everywhere?
  • Encouraged to play entire game in “detective mode”

But to be fair:

  • I paid $13 which is a crazy deal
  • Joker is very well done
  • Combat looks great (but not fun)
  • Puzzles rarely cause urge to kill to rise

All hail Splinter Cell.

4 Responses

  1. Wow, ok.

    First, Batman looks awesome. The suit looks awesome, his head is fine, and all of his moves look great.

    Next, the combat only starts as a bit of click fest, but that changes as the combat gets harder, plus you start to add combos, blocks, and finishing moves. Eventually you’re fighting large groups of thugs and there is nothing more satisfying than making a long combo all over their asses.

    The camera’s fine.

    The story’s…uh…ok its weak. Not Fallout New Vegas weak, but kinda weak.

    Non-redefinable keybindings – not a problem for me, but ok, I get it.

    I thought the stealth was good. I see no problem.

    Here’s something Quite Interesting: the gargoyles on the sides of buildings should actually be called grotesques because they are not used as drain-spouts.
    Also yes, its a little weird that there are so many in the game, but that’s like every game.
    In Left for Dead 2, isn’t it a bit strange that every location is littered with pipe bombs, safe houses, and boomer bile? Isn’t it strange that most enemies tend to leave their loot lying on the ground after they die? I know when I get gunned down I plan to empty my wallet and leave it in a neat pile for my attacker. Its a game.
    Gargoyles are gothic and fit the batman theme, even in the comics there’s always a gargoyle for him to chillax on. Also if the game was trying to be realistic then they would have to take into account the fact that Batman is over 70 years old. I don’t want to play a game where some septuagenarian wanders around looking for the one gargoyle on which he can perch.

    Here you actually hit a point that I completely agree with. Detective Mode was way too useful and often times I had to remind myself to turn it off just so I could appreciate the look of the game. I even read an interview with one of the game’s designers who made the same complaint and said that issue would be rectified for Arkham 2.

  2. If it makes you feel better I remember reading Detective Mode is being toned down a lot in Arkham Asylum 2 and a couple of complaints are text-book in Console to PC ports and prob’ the best reason to still own a PS3…. besides the fact PS3’s are multi-functional….

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