“we’re not programmed, we’re people…understand?”

If you haven’t seen MOON, get off your lazy ass and watch it.  It stars Sam Rockwell, who’s fucking great and the soundtrack is by Clint Mansell (best known for his awesomeness).  Also directed by Duncan Zowie Hayward Jones, who’s the son of David Bowie.

This is the main theme that runs through the movie (about 2:40 in):

More Clint:

Pi – πR²

Smokin’ Aces – Dead Reckoning

Pop Will Eat Itself – Home

Nine Inch Nails w Clint Mansell – RSVP

Large black coffee…a lot of sugar

8 Responses

  1. Yeah, this is a great movie.

  2. Mike, didn’t you tell me you couldn’t watch the Moon cause there was no Brody?

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