Get outta the pool!

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  1. dude are you sure thats not titus?

  2. I found a new favorite stand up comic for LTG…

    • This is so bad that when i watched it:
      – my penis fell off
      – a vagina grew in its place
      – that vagina grew an asshole
      – that asshole took huge shit all over my new office chair
      – the vagina then ate that shit

      Yeah, so thats pretty bad. Is this standup, or is he just rehashing a made up story about how he contracted syphilis after not getting any poon for 55 years.

    • If you are this guys daughter, I’m sure you wouldn’t find this at all embarrassing.

    • watching this is like a fucking endurance test

    • Growing up, it seems like we’re always taught that its good to have lots of self-confidence and not to be shy. Today we learned why that is bullshit.

    • i think this guy is a terrorist plot to destroy humor, YouTube, happiness, backyards, shorts, daytime…

      • Apparently this guy has 150 routines uploaded.

        Maybe it would be better if we accidentally started nuclear winter or the large hadron collider made a black hole that ate the earth. Just so we would be sure this guy was erased from the universe.

      • His brand of relentless evil resonates through the multiverse. It would take an act of god to vanquish his humorless stench into oblivion. The scriptures foretell of an epic battle between heaven and that guy. When the seasons die and the oceans turn to sand, his form shall spread over this earth like a plague. The laughter of children will turn to blood and dogs will shit everywhere. He is the destroyer and his word brings pain and suffering to all.

  3. listen to the audio backwards, and you hear “I am Death, the destroyer of worlds.” And even so, it’s still funnier than listening to it forwards.

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