Oh, now I get it

In this video, Vinnie Vincent teaches us that as long as you play every note possible as fast as you can, you too can be kicked out of KISS.

And is it me or does he look like Justine Bateman:

NB: 7:27, Vinnie shows us his shredding techniques in slo-motion.

Its not very helpful:

well, we know who won the battle of production value:

6 Responses

  1. If that looks like Justine Bateman to you; than this should be a pretty hot Scarlett Johansson for your fapping pleasure.

  2. OH MORE PLS! or as the kids would say “MOAR PLOX!1!!”

  3. Well, Vinny is lucky in that Peter Criss and Ace Frehley paved the road with their own shame first. Otherwise, he could potentially be embarassed by the whole affair. Speaking of embarassing, I just pulled out his solo album.

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