You know you’ve become a failure in life

When you think MPS3 are drugs.

What are you, a 357-year old Amish retard?

This is just after the 73% shiit… the couch was wet from all the sweat afterwards..

Yeah, why don’t you just end it all already.

The song sounds like my 14.4 connecting to AOL.  Do you know anyone that shat their pants 5 seconds before hearing “you got mail?”

I’m gonna leave off the medication tag on this one.

From Wired.

4 Responses

  1. ok, seriously, i want to punch this douchebag more than Mel Gibson wants to punch Jews.

    First, if you’re gonna test this shit out, why would you choose “Gate of Hades”?

    It’s like, “Hey dude, I found these sounds that make you feel as if your soul is being purged of all sin through a fiery baptism administered by an ass-raping hell beast?”

    Uh, no asshole. I think I’ll just video tape you being stupid and then laugh at you when you’re not around.
    In fact, I’m going to laugh while taping you.

    So congratulations, instead of proving this bullshit works you proved that you have the mental constitution of a retarded infant.

  2. you know what? I’ve decided I like this video because this schmuck seems to be in pain and thats making me happy.

  3. This is to drugs as roshambo is to soccer.

    This should help ease the brain.

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