It totally looks safe to eat

You can get your fill of wrong for the entire day right here.

And no of course it doesn’t have two of every muscle.  Are you fucking retarded?

“He is a sperm machine.  Absolutely.”

Hey, cows gotta get their freak on too.

3 Responses

  1. Bet you didn’t know bull seaman is considered Haz-mat when shipping and a lot of carriers won’t handle it.

    On a side note, I wonder how much Nat Geo, Hist Channel and other basic cable TV is just re-branded British shows. The interviewer here is Giles Coren who I’ve seen on Ramsay’s F-Word doing reports… he has the scent of a douche bag and I figure he’s used to make Hugh Fearnley Whittingham seem like less of a tosser.

    • No carrier wants their truck jack-knifing on the L.I.E, accidentally impregnating stray heifers who happen to wander on the freeway.

      That’s how traffic jams start.

  2. Hitler would be proud.

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