Ari hated my last 2 posts

First it was Busdriver.  “speaking quickly doesn’t make a song good” – I tell you what buddy, sometimes it does (and its “doesn’t make a song well“).

Then it was Cracked’s “The 8 Most blah blah blah” That video was funny, so I’m forced to assume you were having a bad day.

Well prepare yourself because these 3 videos are about to smother your soul in a jizz-like substance I like to call happiness.

  • Video the first – “Vicarious Fun”

Since no one in their right mind would ever ride someone else’s backyard coaster, we can instead sit back and relax while watching others risk their lives on amateur engineering projects:

  • Video the second – “Blarney Miller (aka Blarney Rubble)”

Whenever I hear Irish folk music I think of Leprechauns which makes me think of Warwick Davis which makes me think of Willow which makes me think of Joanne Whalley Kilmer:

  • Video the third – “The Widowmaker”

Here it is.  Kittens.

I dare you to look in those kitten eyes and feel an ounce of hate.  You’ll feel nothing but love as you watch the little cat hide in his box, feeling safe until those other cats start fucking with him LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU FUCKERS!  ITS HIS BOX!  GODDAM IT!

I hate those cats so much:

NB.: great shot of a cats asshole at 0:33

5 Responses

  1. Is it my fault that whether in blogging, or masturbating, I always strive for excellence?

  2. When someone makes fun of my blog’o’shpere I tell’m to eat da poo poo!

  3. Did you really just use NB?

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